We, Members of the fast-growing Filipino American Community in the United States, aware of our civic and social responsibilities as residents and citizens of America, inspired to become more active participants in the political life of our Nation, firm in our resolve to muster the vast human resources of our community in order to protect and promote our societal and ethnic interests as well as to contribute to the national well-being of the United States of America and, at the same time, determined to preserve our Filipino American heritage, do hereby organize ourselves into the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILIPINO AMERICAN ASSOCIATIONS (NaFFAA) and promulgate this Constitution.
        Section 1. NaFFAA is a federation of Members of Filipino American associations throughout the United States that were organized and operating independently and have been pursuing separate organization goals. The Filipino American community is rich in terms of the number of national, regional, local, professional and provincial organizations currently existing. Therefore, NaFFAA respects the autonomy of existing organizations.
        Section 2. There are a number of Filipino American coalitions at the national, regional, and local levels. NaFFAA shall not duplicate the functions of these organizations except where it is necessary to assist in the creation of alliances for those types of organizations where none exist.
        Section 3. Filipino American organizations undertake a wide range of activities and services. NaFFAA shall build on the energies of the existing organizations by promoting harmonious relationships among them and encouraging collaboration along issues and/or geographic boundaries.
        Section 4. NaFFAA is aware that are many Filipinos in America who do not belong to any type of Filipino-oriented association. Nevertheless, NaFFAA shall ensure that their concerns are heard and solutions to the issues affecting them are equally addressed
        Section 5. NaFFAA shall promote laudable goals and champion issues so that is shall deserve recognition by Washington D.C. policy-makers, government officials at all levels, private industry leaders and other advocacy groups as the official representative - The Voice - of Filipinos and Filipino Americans in the United States. It's about time, "Panahon Na!" that the Filipino American community translates its fast-growing population into economic and political clout.
        Section 6. NaFFAA must endeavor to empower all its Members in all facets of American life. To achieve this goal, NaFFAA members shall share in the vision that Filipino Americans become full participants in mainstream America as leaders in government, arts and media , business and industry, education and social services and other such activities through active voting and political participation while maintaining and strengthening our Filipino ties and cultural heritage.
        Section 7. Finally, NaFFAA must recognize the strength and talents of our youth, our future leaders. NaFFAA must provide them with an equal share of the opportunity and the responsibility to meet the challenges that our community faces.

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